Drive revenue and grow your business by using the powerful concept of scarcity


“Hurry, limited quantities available!”
“Act now, time is running out!” 
“Limit of one per customer!” 


Scarcity is an influence factor that carries a great deal of power, so it’s no wonder why your organization probably already uses it as a way to leverage consumer behavior. But the concept of scarcity contains multiple layers and complexities. In The Power of Scarcity, one of the country’s foremost experts on scarcity demystifies the science behind it and shows you how to use it to bolster your business. 


Dr. Mindy Weinstein explains how and why scarcity works, including the types of messages that are most effective, how to use them ethically, and common mistakes to avoid. You’ll find essential information on:


  • Scarcity as an influence factor
  • Why we are more afraid of loss than gain
  • Scarcity versus sales
  • Sending the right message at the right time
  • The four key types of scarcity and how to use them
  • How companies are using scarcity to build communities, create customer loyalty, and increase revenue


Innovative, inspiring, and filled with practical tips and case studies, The Power of Scarcity offers you a potent new tool for kickstarting even greater success.

The Power of Scarcity