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Turn Prospects Into Customers Faster

Mindy Weinstein, PhD, The Power of Scarcity author, will teach you how.


Marketing & Sales Keynote Speaker + Trainer

Mindy teaches sales and marketing teams how to ethically and strategically apply the principle of scarcity to increase sales and revenue.

Increased purchases by 40%

A company selling electric bikes increased purchases by 40% when adding a countdown timer to the website alerting website visitors how much time was left before the current sale ended.

Spiked sales and pre-orders

A popular brand experienced a spike in sales and pre-orders when adding “restock” to the subject line of its emails to customers.

Closed new clients time and again

A consultant continued to close new clients time and again by subtly letting them know she only worked with a select number of businesses at any given time.

Averaged 13 to 20% increase in orders

A restaurant that labeled five dishes as the most popular on the menu, experienced an average 13 to 20% increase of orders of those dishes.

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Hire Mindy To Speak To Your Group

Keynote Presentations

Book Mindy for your next corporate event or conference. Mindy is an international marketing and sales speaker and is known for her practical and conversational presentation style. She teaches how to apply scarcity to convert prospects into customers faster.

Virtual or On-Site Workshops

Mindy offers customized scarcity training for your teams. During the interactive workshop your team will discover how to incorporate the scarcity principle ethically into your business and marketing efforts.


What Others Are Saying

Praise for Mindy's presentations

“…delivered a powerhouse presentation…we spent some time chatting later where she continued to impress with her intelligence, industry knowledge, and wit.”

William Sears, SEO Manager at Disney

#1 New Release The Power of Scarcity

"Weinstein outdid herself, and this book will likely become the one we all quote when talking about scarcity." 

The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency & Demand To Influence Customer Decisions by Mindy Weinstein, PhD, delves into the psychology and effects of scarcity on decision-making and how companies can use it ethically in marketing. The book includes case studies and interviews from well-known brands, including McDonald's, Harry & David and 1-800-FLOWERS, as well as the author's own research and experience as a marketing consultant.


Mindy presents the book in an easily digestible format. In the first section, you will gain an understanding of the concept of scarcity, including its effectiveness, impact on individuals, and circumstances in which it is effective or not. The second section provides guidance on incorporating scarcity in marketing strategies.


The book is valuable for anyone in marketing, sales, business, or academics, as well as consumers who want to understand how scarcity affects them.

Praise for the Book

“There are multiple books that treat the topic of scarcity. But I’ve never seen one that uncovers the concept’s psychological roots so engagingly for readers and so instructively for business. It’s a ‘rare’ gem.”
– Robert Cialdini, Author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

“This is the first time I have come across a book that does such an exceptional job explaining why scarcity works and how to apply it in business. Mindy Weinstein provides practical advice and tips in an easy-to-understand way. Do yourself a favor and read this book.” 
– Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” on the TV show Shark Tank, creator of the infomercial, & Pioneer of the AsSeenOnTV industry

Meet Mindy

Mindy Weinstein, PhD, is a global expert in marketing, as well as a researcher, speaker and professor. As a marketer, psychology has always been an interest of Mindy and was the reason she pursued a Ph.D. in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Technology. For years, Mindy has researched and written about the principle of scarcity, from an academic and practical perspective. She now teaches others how to ethically incorporate persuasion into their businesses through her book (The Power of Scarcity), trainings and keynote presentations.


Mindy is a marketing instructor at Grand Canyon University and University of Denver. She has also led marketing programs for The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School.

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