Dr. Mindy Weinstein is one of the leading experts in marketing psychology and has been named as one of the top women in digital marketing globally. She has gained a reputation for writing and speaking about influence and has shared the stage with Seth Godin and Steve Wozniak. Dr. Weinstein has presented to both domestic and international audiences. Attendees have described her speaking style as energetic, fun, entertaining and above all else, informative. 

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Presentation Topics
Dr. Weinstein presents on many topics, which can be tailored to the audience, including:

Scarcity in Business

•    How to use limited availability of products and services to influence decisions, especially in business settings
•    How scarcity impacts both individual and business decisions
•    How and why scarcity works
•    The types of messages that are most effective
•    How to use scarcity ethically to persuade, and common mistakes to avoid