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Marketing Keynote Speaker & Sales Trainer

Keynote Speaker

How can you move prospects faster to a purchase decision? That is exactly what Mindy Weinstein, PhD teaches.

Mindy delivers actionable and informative keynote presentations at industry conferences and corporate events. Attendees have described her speaking style as energetic, fun, entertaining and above all else, informative. Mindy’s focus is on scarcity marketing and how it can be applied to sales, marketing and overall business communication. Each presentation will be tailored to your event.


Train Your Team

Mindy offers training sessions for corporate teams, including those in sales and marketing, which can be held on-site or virtually to accommodate the organization's needs. The workshops are tailored to the specific business and team and are interactive in nature. Examples of past workshops include learning how to use persuasive communication for closing more deals, incorporating scarcity techniques for driving product sales, using persuasive elements in marketing messages, and utilizing the scarcity principle in e-commerce.


What Others Are Saying

Praise for Mindy's presentations

“…delivered a powerhouse presentation…we spent some time chatting later where she continued to impress with her intelligence, industry knowledge, and wit.”

William Sears, SEO Manager at Disney

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