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Read The Power of Scarcity


“There are multiple books that treat the topic of scarcity. But I’ve never seen one that uncovers the concept’s psychological roots so engagingly for readers and so instructively for business. It’s a “rare” gem.” - Robert Cialdini, Author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

“This is the first time I have come across a book that does such an exceptional job explaining why scarcity works and how to apply it in business. Mindy Weinstein provides practical advice and tips in an easy-to-understand way. Do yourself a favor and read this book.” - Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” on the TV show Shark Tank, creator of the infomercial, & Pioneer of the AsSeenOnTV industry

In The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency & Demand to Influence Customer Decisions, Mindy Weinstein, PhD, reveals the psychology behind scarcity, how scarcity affects our brains and decision-making, and how companies can use it to successfully and ethically market their products and services. Along the way, she shares fascinating case studies, findings, and interviews with current and former executives from brands such as McDonald’s, Harry & David, and 

The Power of Scarcity will show you how and why scarcity works and how to use scarcity techniques ethically. You will learn the following:

  • Scarcity as an influence factor

  • Why we are more afraid of loss than gain

  • Scarcity versus sales

  • Sending the right message at the right time

  • The four key types of scarcity and how to use them

  • How companies are using scarcity to build communities, create customer loyalty, and increase revenue


Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, business owner, online seller, academic researcher, or a consumer, scarcity impacts you—why not take the time to understand it and use it to your advantage? 

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