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Mindy's Story

Mindy Weinstein PhD's passion for the power of words began in her childhood, as she spent hours writing stories on her mother's typewriter. In college, she took her first marketing course and discovered that words are the driving force behind individuals taking action, whether it's purchasing a product or hiring a service. This realization led to the launch of her own digital marketing agency, Market MindShift, and her being considered a global expert in the field.


Mindy has trained companies of all sizes, including Facebook, World Fuel Services and Hampton Products. Mindy has also been invited to speak at conferences and continues to write for various publications. Her interest in persuasion led her to pursue a PhD in general psychology with an emphasis in technology and after five years of studying this concept, she decided to share her knowledge through her book "The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency and Demand to Influence Customer Decisions" (McGraw Hill 2022). 

Mindy now speaks across the world about how to apply scarcity to turn prospects into customers faster. She also hosts the Persuasive Woman podcast, which focuses on how to use psychology to further your business and career.

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