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Why the interest in persuasion, specifically scarcity?

a business-to-business training company, and later moved into the personal finance industry. The Great Recession of 2008 completely changed and catapulted Mindy’s platform when she decided to try a new career in website content writing and took her first step into the world of digital marketing. In this role, she worked with and trained organizations including Facebook, The Weather Channel, Kijiji (eBay-owned company), World Fuel Services, Hampton Products, and more. 

As a marketer, psychology has always been an interest of Mindy and was her impetus to pursue a Ph.D. in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Technology. She spent years researching and writing about scarcity from an academic perspective. However, she also realized the power of this influence principle and began applying it in her own life. Let’s just say she has secured many of her clients using what she knows about scarcity and is often able to convince her husband and boys to take on household chores they wouldn’t have otherwise done! 


Mindy has been named as one of the top women in digital marketing and has presented at such conferences around the world. Mindy has often appeared in the media, with television interviews that aired on Fox, NBC and ABC. She has also been quoted in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and The Arizona Republic and interviewed on Bloomberg Radio and KTAR 92.3 FM.


Mindy is the co-author of three books: 

•    The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency & Demand to Influence Customer Decisions (McGraw Hill)
•    Money Trouble: Surviving Your Financial Crisis (Beacon Hill)
•    Rich and Thin: Slim Down, Shrink Debt, Turn Calories Into Cash (McGraw Hill) 


Mindy has taught and led programs at Grand Canyon University, University of Denver, The Wharton School and Columbia Business School.


Here’s the short answer.

This question is one people often ask Dr. Mindy Weinstein. Mindy has always had an interest in what motivates others, which began in undergraduate school as she studied marketing. She has witnessed, studied and applied persuasion throughout her career and now has a deep understanding of what influences our decisions.


Fast forward to today and Mindy is now a research psychologist, international speaker, university professor and one of the country’s foremost marketing psychology experts.

Here’s the long answer.

Mindy has a unique combination of practical and academic experience. She began her career as a copywriter for