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The Scarcity Playbook

In this playbook, you'll discover:

  • The various types of scarcity tactics and when to use them.

  • Which audiences resonate most with each scarcity type.

  • A range of real-world examples to illustrate these strategies in action.

#1 New Release The Power of Scarcity

"Weinstein outdid herself, and this book will likely become the one we all quote when talking about scarcity." 

The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency & Demand To Influence Customer Decisions by Mindy Weinstein, PhD, delves into the psychology and effects of scarcity on decision-making and how companies can use it ethically in marketing. The book includes case studies and interviews from well-known brands, including McDonald's, Harry & David and 1-800-FLOWERS, as well as the author's own research and experience as a marketing consultant.


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