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Don't miss out on the next training cohort led by Dr. Mindy Weinstein. Our 4-week trainings have a select group of up to 10 students to ensure personalized feedback and a well-aligned brainstorming environment. Learn more below and get notified when enrollment opens for the January 5, 2024 cohort.

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Increase Sales & Customer Loyalty

The insights provided are tailor-made for marketers, sales experts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who want to harness the power of genuine scarcity to boost their revenue. Discover the results experienced by those who have implemented our strategies.

Doubled Leads

Mindy’s approach to scarcity changed my business. I have been able to double my leads by applying psychology into my sales and marketing messages. - Mike P.

Increased Conversion Rate by 67%

I was skeptical about using scarcity in my marketing ads because I didn’t want to turn people off. However, after going through Mindy’s training, I learned that there is an authentic way to incorporate it. Our conversion rate has gone up 67%. – Denise M.

"Creative Genius"

Mindy is a creative genius who can help you learn to remove the box and think with an open heart and eyes. – Bernadette C.


What's Covered?

The training is based on Mindy’s R.A.R.E. framework (see below). This framework is based on several years of psychological research, countless interviews with top executives and marketers, including those from McDonald’s, 1-800-Flowers, Harry & David and Shark Tank, and practical application.

The training is virtual and occurs every Friday from 11am-1pm Eastern.  

The 4-week cohort covers the following:

Real scarcity 
Every business has real scarcity. The first step is identifying what it is in your business. 


Audience characteristics
People respond differently to scarcity based on their traits and characteristics. Dive into what will work for your customers. 


Right type of scarcity
There are four different types of scarcity and they do not work the same. After identifying your real scarcity and audience characteristics, you can then determine the best approach.

Ethical execution
Scarcity is powerful and it must be applied ethically. That means scarcity should never be fabricated. You will learn how to ethically execute scarcity to meet your goals.


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